Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ahh #6 Method man - Bring the pain

Meth is from the legendary Wu-tang Clan and he's my favorite rapper. He's not the best or richest or anything but he's really charismatic and his flow is awesome.
This is his first solo single, dope shit.

I came to bring the the pain hardcore to the braaaaaaain

note i hate that VeVo only has clean versions. kinda stressed atm sorry for the quick post.
Another thing, i dunno if you guys live alone or not but My carpet keeps staying like... i dont want to say dirty but there's like small corns and shit on it and i feel it on my feet when i walk around >:(.  And I do vaccum (Although it has been a
I feel like such a bum.


  1. not available due to copyright over here.. sucks :( anyway, good blog!

  2. man havent heard this in years! nice song, keep posting dood

  3. Oh crap, I never knew he was with the Wu Tang. dang.. that explains a lot.

  4. Not really my kind of music so I suggest you go clean your carpet soon. :P

  5. As I am son and servant to your will. Supporting!

  6. methodman is the man! i just watched that dave chappelle ep

  7. nice i like your post!
    Following you bro!