Thursday, September 30, 2010

haha wild party

had a party last night, Im a student but i dont live at the dorms so my neighbours are like... regular people... kind of older lol.
Wild fucking party man, we werent even that loud... or maybe we were lol. One neighbor came and rang the bell, i was in the balcony so my buddy opened the door and when i arrived she was going down the stairs telling us to fuck off lol.

you guys got any plans for the weekend?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

dumb broads

I really cant stand dumb people, i mean if you are handicapped or anything i get it but if you are an ordinary human and your reason for not doing what you're supposed to do is:

"I'm a girl.. i have to like... clean and cook and stuff.. i didnt have time.."

Please go hang yourself.

Yes this is a true story.

You guys have any stupid stories to share?

Monday, September 27, 2010


So i had the flu right?
I think im ok now, so i put my penis inside a girl. she texted me now saying saying she was home puking and shit hahahaha. I wish i had a owned image

This is how I'm feeling right now

 Also Lilly Robins is hot, she's some cheerleader for some team. 

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Hey guys, got a bad flue, so i'm taking a little break from the blogging. Hard enough just typing this out :(, see you in a day or two!

Got a thing for sneakers lol.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

dollicia bryan

Damn this girl is hot, here have some eye candy on this lonely saturday

I appriciate you guys that comment and the four that klicked lol, nah playing appreciate all of you for spending time visiting me, the other things are just a bonus. 


It's that time of month :( All these bills eats my money, so sick of student budget, need a job and make that real moolah. I appriciate you guys that comment and the four that klicked lol, nah playing appreciate all of you for spending time visiting me, the other things are just a bonus. What do you guys do? Study or work?

Also Kanyes new song is dope as hell get it from (I'm so appalled). Girl is Dollicia Bryan, she's also the header girl (lol head girl).

Friday, September 24, 2010

up early.. cleaning pipes

Hate waking up early for nothing, apparently these guys are going to come and clean the vents in the apartment but the guys wont come, so ive been up since 7 am (it's 9 now) for nothing >:(, im not used to this!
Uhm that sounded a bit.. gay, lol. I had a class today too.. but this was a good excuse to not go lol.
Here have a Emily scott!

What are you all doing today?

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Daily thickness for you, beautiful Stephania Bella:

Looks like a lollipop haha
Dem thigs
Too keep it real, this position is the best to do it in with your girl haha!
Some pinup action, look at them curves.

Do you guys like the curves or do you want a bit more flat? I got both kinds of pics, what do you guys want to see?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I like gf with tittaz

aww yeah look at dat.

she has a butterface but them assets lol

same girl? I dunno, she's going far though haha
Dont have any names on these 3, top one is from 50 cents twitter (hilarious), other two is from some imageboard.

Other news, a lot to do in school, this law and marketing course are really rough. I'm kliking on my followers though, but to speed it up I might not leave a comment ( really do try to though).
You all do what you feel is right :). A bit sad to see that the views has gone down a bit but I put that on myself since i missed updating a day or two.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Help me out

Girl coming over tonight to smoke some cheeba cheeba, I need some funny movies to put on, got any tips ?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fail Story

I met this girl this weekend, kinda cute and all, we've known eachother for a while, she's really drunk and im sober (was just chilling that night). She's not a ho so she's flirting in stealth mode doing small things. As dumb as I am I dont know how to respond, if it was someone random I would start to grind on her and shit on the dancefloor but didnt feel right on her... saw some other dude talk to her (I thnk they were from the same party) and was trying to dance with her. I felt crappy (had a mad night the day before) so I cruised on home, don't think they went home together but who knows..

Dont you wish you could put all your energy on school/work instead of bitches? lol

no that isnt her but she looks good haha

Sunday, September 19, 2010

damn colombians...

I would boink that butt in a second!!!!!
Look at when she turns, god damnnnnn

edit: lol not brazilian but Colombian

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Damn im hungover lol, was drinking all night, memory blanks like a motherfucker.
Saw a really nice latina girl in the club though, inspired me to find some latinas and share with yall.
Doing my rounds soon, been a bit busy :)! Thanks to all of you for checking me out!

I would do some filthy things to Adriana Lima (top)! Would lick the floor just to smell the pubic aroma haha.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Damn, Reach is addicting. I loved the first Halo but the second and third was kinda 'meh'. Never liked the multiplayer, sticked to the single player. But this one is nice! Really fun, feels like the first one.
Here have a Halo girl
Lol, dont have much else to say today, damn got this girl story btw, but that and pics tomorow!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Busy busy

Sup guys, Just wanted to say School is really killing me atm and the free time i get goes towards like cooking food and shit. So I might miss a day or two in checking all yall out but I'll get on it as soon as i can!

I see that the second girl in the last was popular lol, her name is Kianna Lynae, Got some more pix of her here are some, will post more later today.

How strict are blogspot/google on the no-adult policy? I hope these are ok lol. Her pics are kinda hit or miss, do you guys want the rest?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Slow day

Sup guys.
Slow day today, felt lazy so I skipped my classes (bad I know.. lol), been chilling infront of the computer all day, checking y'all blogs and shit.
I noticed something weird, I know that I'm following some of you guys but when i go to the blogs it still shows the follow button, is this some bug or did some of you remove me lol?

Anyway, we at 60 followers! That's awesome, growing slow and steady :). Was also expecting my Halo Reach today but fucking post office havent got it... probably arriving tomorow oh well... Dont have much else to share, some daily pics for you bros

Lol the waist on that first one is ridic. Wouldnt mind something thick on my penis right now lol!
Now that summer is over how is school and work?

EDIT: Halo in the mail bitches!!!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I've been talking to this girl for a while and she's always wanted to hook up and smoke some cheeba cheeba so i finally tell the bitch, Yo come over i got that good shit. She's really skinny, normally i prefer them with some meat on them, I dont want to feel bones when I'm doing my boom boom in her zoom zoom. So she comes over and we smoke, get baked as hell, watch Anchorman for the 301871 gazillion time (god damnit, every time a girl comes over we watch this stupid movie lol). So it's over and I'm like, to get my mack on and the bitch has fallen asleep!!!
I wake her up, tell her to move to the bed, I go to the bathroom come back undress get in bed and GIRL IS SLEEPING AGAIN.

Sure this was some strong shit but it knocked that BITCH OUT hahaha.
Week 1 of american football, who are yall rooting for? Got some money on Giants, Patriots and Jets. Jet's will probably fuck up and i'll lose my money but oh well.
I appreciate all the support guys, comments and klikz. I'm checking you all out as often as I can, so if I miss one day I'll be there dubble the next lol!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Women! Follow this rule please

If you're coming to a dudes crib after 10pm please PLEASE give up some ass!
I dont want to talk to you, watch tv or lay in bed with you this late unless you're going the whole way!! Not trying to be an asshole but c'mon I could be watching porn and shit.
Now I got these damn blueballs because this girl wouldnt let me smash it because she was on her period... she wouldnt even suck it! ::mad::

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Got the damn flu so I'm a bit too tired to type out some story this time, so I decided to treat you guys to some pics. Was looking through my old "special" folder and found this

Must be an optimum place to wake up one morning lol, pick and choose!

not sure where blogspots draws the line on being too hot but taking a chance

God damn these italian women!!! haha support the ladies!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


What is it with the color red? Something about it attracts me to it, I dont know if it's because the color is so strong or passionate but even if it's just a simple detail in the clothing it catches your eye, I'm sure it has happened to you guys too right?

Like here, I love women but those sneakers just grab my attention, it's the first thing i look at in the picture, not her beautiful legs...

Or here, the red in the background just makes the girl POP out, she would have done that anyway with dat ass but the red just pushes her to the front. Wouldn't mind riding both those lol!

In this one, the girl (stephania bella) is wrapped in red and combined with the lipstick makes so much more seductive/sluttish (got to keep it real... haha)

This one is just a bonus lol

Thx for the support guys, checking everyone out too, liking it all thusfar!