Thursday, October 28, 2010

I fucked up

Man I got so smashed last night, I fucked up hard. I called my ex a slut, drunk dialed her like 10 times, called another girl 10 times, called 2-3 others at 3 am lol. The worst part is that I left my phone on the table at the preparty and a dude sent these texts to a couple of broads lol. The worst part is the one to my neighbour, which i dont really have a connection to, we have the same friends and stuff but nothing more. The text said i was thinking of her etc etc and girl thought it was all serious and sent a text "of course we should hang out" etc.
MAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan I feel like kanye after taylor swift.

Shahkur Sozahdah thx


  1. Hahaha oh god what a night you had. Hope it all blows over, and who knows, it might turn out awesome if you and neighbor-girl start something.

  2. I've been there.

    Phones should come with breathalyzers.

  3. ahahahha that sucks big time hahaha good luck recovering man!

  4. Dang, but you didn't even get to be within touching range of Taylor Swift. Sucky!