Tuesday, September 28, 2010

dumb broads

I really cant stand dumb people, i mean if you are handicapped or anything i get it but if you are an ordinary human and your reason for not doing what you're supposed to do is:

"I'm a girl.. i have to like... clean and cook and stuff.. i didnt have time.."

Please go hang yourself.

Yes this is a true story.

You guys have any stupid stories to share?


  1. yeah sometimes they're annoying but i'd rather hang with them than those stuck up bastards who thinks they're intelligence is a gift to mankind.

  2. ohh when they started the facepalm sht in how i met your mother i laughed so hard.

  3. story: today girl says something stupid as a tease. then guy says same exact thing and she says it sounds stupid and gay. then realizes she just said that.

  4. asked a girl what her dreams and aspirations are:

    she said "to win the lotto"

    so sad

  5. "i'm not a whore! so take me out to dinner, movies, and buy me flowers, then i'll sleep with you"

  6. I hate bitches who put THEMSELVES down when they're just bad at doing something. Like they say Im a girl Im not supposed to do this. But when its time to empower themselves, Women are the same as men and can do anything -_-